Anyone interested in Franklin and early America should find this book fascinating.

–   Linda Killian, THE WASHINGTON POST, November 30th 2018


“Accessible and riveting…a deep, nuanced examination of the formative influences on an iconic American figure. “

          –  PUBLISHERS’ WEEKLY, September 2018


“The Franklin that emerges here…is more dynamic and real than his homespun alias Poor Richard ever could be.”

          –  Sam Kean, THE WALL STREET JOURNAL, September 18th 2018


“Bunker, a former reporter for the Financial Times and an award-winning historian, creates a vibrant, perspicacious, and well-researched portrait of a man hungry for knowledge and ambitious for financial success…. An engaging, illuminating biography of a captivating figure”

         – starred review in KIRKUS REVIEWS, June 15th 2018


“This nuanced portrait of the young Franklin captures the fugitive genius of a quintessential American”

–  starred review in BOOKLIST, August 1st 2018


“This thoroughly researched examination of the development of America’s earliest preeminent scientist and statesman will appeal to academics and popular history readers”

–   LIBRARY JOURNAL,  July 2018